One-stop intellectual property management for 50+ countries in Europe and Central Asia.

Where we work

European Union (European Union Trade Mark and Design), Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium*, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo (UNSCR 1244), Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg*, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands*, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Türkiye, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan.

* Benelux Trade Mark and Design


Securing your intellectual property

Identifying your needs

The type, form and scope of protection for your ideas and creations depend on your business needs, your budget and your future plans. We will advise you on an optimal solution for your particular situation.

Conducting clearance search

Before investing in the development of your intellectual property you need to be sure it is unique and that it does not violate any earlier rights. We will carry out a thorough clearance search and advise you on the registrability of your intellectual property rights.

Filing an application

This part of the procedure is often mistakenly considered as one of the easiest steps towards the registration of the intellectual property rights. To avoid complications, we will ensure that application forms are correctly completed and all formalities are met before the application is filed with an intellectual property office. This will minimise the possibility that your application is questioned by the authorities on formal grounds and will enable a swift and smooth processing of your application.

Removing obstacles towards registration

Despite all due care, authorities or third parties may object to the registration of your intellectual property rights on the basis of absolute or relative grounds. We will recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective course of action to tackle such obstacles and take all the steps necessary towards securing the registration of your rights.

Maintaining your intellectual property rights

Once your intellectual property rights are registered you will have to make sure they continue enjoying protection. Your rights will require regular maintenance. We will take care of all post-registration follow-up.


Protecting your uniqueness

The protection of your intellectual property rights does not stop with their registration. Successful ideas and creations are constantly targeted by copycats and counterfeiters. When faced with an infringement of your rights, you will have to take action to protect your uniqueness, market position and business interests. We will provide you with sound legal advice and superior support to enforce your rights in over 50 jurisdictions across Europe and Central Asia.

Dispute resolution & negotiations

Many conflicts can be resolved out of court through amicable settlements. When this option is available and meets your best interests, it is always worth exploring, as it is a faster and more cost-effective way of resolving a dispute. With our knowledge of local legal systems, practices and particularities, as well as our extensive experience in negotiating settlements and co-existence agreements, we will ensure the best representation of your legal position and business interests.

Oppositions and observations, cancellations

To protect the uniqueness of your intellectual property right, you will need to make sure that no other similar right is granted protection. Legal frameworks usually provide means to object to or contest a registration of a similar right, such as oppositions/observations and cancellation actions. Using best practices applied in each jurisdiction we cover, we will help you choose the most appropriate legal basis and the best course of action to achieve the maximum result at minimum cost.

Infringements and unfair competition, injunctions

Unfair competition, piracy, and counterfeiting are among the most damaging forms of intellectual property rights infringement. Taking legal action against these forms of trespasses against your exclusive rights can be challenging in many jurisdictions. To successfully manoeuvre through complex legal proceedings, you will require clear and practical advice on available legal remedies. With our vast experience of handling the most difficult enforcement cases, we will ensure that you are in control of the enforcement procedure and that you take the most efficient steps to protect your intellectual property rights. 

Customs actions

In recent years, there has been a substantial surge in transit and import of counterfeited, pirated and copycat products globally. Engaging with customs authorities to prevent such products from entering the countries where you enjoy exclusive rights is the most effective way of protecting your business interests. We will make sure that your customs applications for action are up to date, that customs have all the necessary information to stop transit, export and import of infringing goods and that they are destroyed before causing damage to your business.

Domain name disputes

A unique domain name is one of the most important identifiers in modern business. Any copying of your domain name or unfair registration of your trademark as a domain name can cause considerable disruption of your business and confusion among consumers. The damage can be even greater when this is combined with online infringement. To protect your online identifier, we will help you by coordinating the domain name dispute resolution proceedings, where available, or initiating court action against cybersquatters or other online infringers.

Intellectual Property Management

Facilitating smooth business

IP due diligence and IP audit

Intellectual property due diligence is an exercise of assessment of the IP rights owned or used by a company. Its goal is to identify and gather all relevant information concerning the value and risks to the company’s innovations and intangible assets. It is usually linked to various corporate transactions. 

Intellectual property audit is a targeted assessment of certain IP assets ordered by the IP rights owner to verify all IP rights data. IP audit results may also reveal risks and problems to be remedied by the IP rights owner or help improve IP management strategies.

Both IP due diligence and IP audit may require significant budget, especially in Central Asia. We will perform a high-quality IP due diligence or IP audit service at a reasonable cost. You will feel safe and confident knowing everything about your IP rights or those of your counterpart.

IP-related contracts

Intellectual property-related contracts, such as assignments, license contracts, franchise agreements or pledge agreements, are an important tool for exploiting the value of the intellectual property rights. We will prepare a contract or revise your draft and advise you on its compliance with the legislation in a country of interest. In addition to assisting you with a recordal of an IP-related agreement before the authorities in a chosen jurisdiction, we will advise you on the possible risks and provide recommendations concerning the optimisation of recordal costs.

All-inclusive services

When faced with budgetary or workload constraints, HR limitations, or if you simply want to concentrate your team’s efforts on other projects, our all-inclusive IP management service will allow you to outsource your IP-related work to us. We will implement your strategic decisions and coordinate and supervise all work performed locally for you in a cost-effective manner. This service goes beyond a case-by-case engagement and offers a complete and long-lasting coverage of your portfolio.

IP department development and human resources

Based on our extensive experience in advising corporate clients, we can assist you in creating, improving or strengthening your internal IP management and recommend the most efficient ways to handle your intangible assets. This includes improvements to your databases and follow-up systems, creating standardised report forms, improving coordination of work with your external counsels, and increasing effectiveness of enforcement processes by applying best practices.

Building your IP team can be a challenge. It is not always easy to find and train new IP professionals and to get the best out of them. We can help you find the right person to join your team by advising you during the recruitment process. We will also help you prepare an IP training plan for your new colleagues and organise or re-organise work based on the strengths of individual team members.