Andrej Bukovnik

Intellectual Property Lawyer, European and Slovenian Trademark & Design Attorney, Benelux Trademark & Design Representative

Experienced IP expert with a successful track record in enforcement cases in Europe and Central Asia. 

Key competencies: 

  • Providing legal advice on complex cases in multiple jurisdictions;
  • Specialising in anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, unfair competition, consumer protection against unfair business practices;
  • Representing clients before EUIPO, Benelux IP Office, Slovenian courts and administrative bodies;
  • Seasoned IP rights manager.

I like a good and complex litigation case. Discussing strategies, preparing lawsuit claims, attending hearings and, of course, most of all: winning a difficult case in court!

Taras Kulbaba

Lawyer, Intellectual Property Guardian

Seasoned IP professional with vast experience in managing large international portfolios of intellectual property rights. 

Key competencies: 

  • Managing regional/worldwide IP portfolios;
  • Overseeing IP enforcement matters in Eastern Europe and Central Asia;
  • Providing advice and support in prosecution and opposition/cancellation matters before EUIPO and Benelux IP Office;
  • Negotiating settlements and co-existence of IP rights in conflict matters;
  • Developing and executing regional and worldwide IP filing strategies.

I view IP law as a creative profession and regard each case as a puzzle to be solved where I search for the most beneficial solution for the client.